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In conjuction with the introduction of the electronic records of sales (Czech abbreviation EET) in the Czech Republic we offer a complete solution based on  LYNX point of sale systems + Conto software. The capabilities of the system enable its use in both small shops and restaurants and in very exacting business premises. 

LYNX point of sale systems are designed with regard to their use as fanless systems. It is an All-in-One solution, made up of a brand motherboard equipped with an Intel processor, a fast SSD disk, Windows 10 operating system and an LCD touch display, complete with an EPSON receipt printer.

The system includes an up-to-date powerful Conto cash register software, which is offered in several versions and is prepared for the electronic recording of sales (EET). The price of the individual solutions includes a full unlimited SW Conto licence.

Our qualified professionals provide the sale, complete installation and post-sale service of these point-of-sale systems.

HiTES CE is a certified dealer and service partner of LYNX.


Key specifications:

  • LYNX - All-in-One point-of-sale system with Intel processor, SSD disk, LCD touch display, EPSON receipt printer and Windows 10 operating system.
  • Up-to-date powerful Conto cash register software prepared for the electronic recording of sales (EET).
  • Unlimited SW Conto licence granted without any further fees.
  • The POS system can be further extended by adding clients, printers, card readers and more.

Examples of offered solutions:

EET1POS system with Conto Mini

On-Site installation

CZK 15 990 without VAT

The Conto Mini system is well suited for use in small size shops and coffee-houses with a single collection point. It provides the division of goods into 20 groups, or payment in a foreign currency. Can be completed with modules providing for stores register, restaurant features and card payments

EET2POS system with Conto Basic

On-Site installation

CZK 17 990 without VAT

The Conto Basic system is well suited for use in shops or smaller restaurants with a single collection point. It provides for restaurant features and an unlimited number of price look-up codes (PLUs).

EET3POS system with Conto Standard

On-Site installation

CZK 19 990 without VAT

The Conto Standard system is well suited for use in restaurants or shops with multiple point-of-sale terminals and network connection . It also provides for store records. It can be completed among other things by a module for table and room reservation.

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